The Camp Read Association celebrates the many years of friendships gained as staff, campers and 
volunteers at Camp Read. The legacy continues as the Camp Read Association;

 an independent organization, supports the activities of the Westchester-Putnam Council, B.S.A. 

and, specifically, the Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation.


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Welcome to the Camp Read Association!

Photo Courtesy of Tom Hunter, former Heaving Bar Champion. 


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Steve Sudak, the Association Historian has scanned, catalogued & updated the historical archives! Please Click Here to see hundreds of photos of the camp from it's inception forward!


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Please see our tribute & memorial page. If you wish to donate to a memorial, please visit our Tribute page.



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1965 Blackfoot - Provisional Troop. Picture courtesy of Russ Padden. 

Much higher quality image here


Staff1977-Large.jpg (1805456 bytes)Click on the thumbnail for a high quality version of this great staff picture. We've identified many of the people in the photo, I'll be publishing the names we've assembled soon!




THE PHOTO GALLERY IS UP & RUNNING! Sorry that it has taken so long, but, finally, I have created, tested and gotten the photo galleries up & running! Please email me your photos, I'll be creating various albums etc for all the Camp Read Photos, past & present. Thanks to all for your help, I just need lots of pictures. We have Terabytes of storage, let's use some of it!


John Farley, Richard Ford, Chris Fearon & a host of contributors have gotten together and written a wonderful book about Camp Read & the stories, memories, tales and fun from yesteryear through today. Please click here to buy the book & read more about it!

For Joys We'll Ne'er Forget

PLEASE NOTE: These links are currently down, we're working on a new source for the book.

Every Boy Scout camp has its unique history, and this is the story of one of them—the Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation, located since 1948 in upstate New York’s beautiful and historic Adirondack Mountains.

Spearheaded by senior writer John R. Farley, For Joys We’ll Ne’er Forget is an amusingly collaborated memory book written by happy campers who, as staff members, lived parts of the history at Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation.



The Bulletin Board is up & password protected. The login / password are both the same, they are the name of the camp with the dining hall. (It's simply easier to spell!) 


The Bulletin Board is back up & running! Click here or use the above link on the Navigation Bar. It is a totally new & more functional board, I will be posting detailed instructions, but, please take a look, browse, reply, and catch up with your friends! You'll have to register for a username / password, email me if you have any questions / comments.


A quick note: I downloaded 9 satellite images of Camp Read and stitched them together, creating a single picture of basically the whole camp. If you go to the Camp Read link above, you'll see the images, one with no labels, the other with major landmarks labeled. I thought it was pretty cool...


Mark, the webmaster


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The Camp Read Guidebook is available for purchase! The new edition of the guidebook has been printed and is terrific! You can order copies for from Ed D'Apice for a low price, just enough to cover printing an shipping.   Please visit the Memorial Guidebook page for more information.





The website is under continuous construction. Please email the webmaster any ideas, suggestions, photos, or anything else you'd like to see up on these pages.

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