Shirley Boland

January 29, 1913 ~ February 13, 2001

It is with great sadness that we announce Shirley Boland, the wife of Art Boland, the first Camp Ranger at Camp Read in Brant Lake has passed away. She will be missed by all who knew her & were touched by her kindness.


"A Poem for Shirley" 

                                  by Al Massimi

Cooking and baking

And making a home

For her family

Strong to the end

On her you could depend

For coffee in the morning

And pancakes on the grill

Lettuce and green olives

With here own dressing

For dessert she would make

A wonderful sheet cake

Never asking for much

A gentle touch

A cat on her lap

A friend on the phone

Not minding being alone

Quiet and shy

Loving the blue of the sky

The birds in the trees

Flowers and a breeze

Sure of herself

A pillar of strength

A rock of Gibraltar

No one could fault her

For being too nice

Deep the love the spice

Of her long life

And being a wife

Mother and grandmother too

An artist, a knitter, a quilter

A house her husband built for her

One room, fit for a mouse

And a deep well was drilled

With love it was filled

In the garden

Roses and rhubarb

Wood lilies and iris

And a crab apple tree

That just wouldn't give up

All that being said

She is gone from us now

In our hearts she remains

And despite our pains

She is united at last

With the love of her life





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